We offer two types of piston coatings : Ceramic Piston Coating and Dry- Film Piston Skirt Coating. Both protect and drasticaly increase longevity to the piston.      

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Our ceramic coating is highly effective when used on engine exhaust system components including exhaust manifolds, exhaust headers, cat boxes, turbochargers and tail pipes, helping to protect sensitive components from the effects of heat. As an exhaust coating they reduce underbonnet temperatures, increase engine performance, help solve engine packaging issues, and improve engine compartment safety

We are specialists in the management of heat. We are also experts in plasma-spray processing and the production of high performance surface coatings and finishes.Cerakote offers four different types of high-temperature products.Cerakote exhaust coatings are available in both ambient- cure and oven cure systems. Each of the coatings may be used over a number of different sub- strates, including steel and aluminum.The average coating thickness ranges from 0.5-1.0 mil and can be used in areas of low tolerance.


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